Bella Bronze Tan Review

Bella bronze tan products

After trying the Bella bronze tan it is definitely in my top two favourite tans! I am really impressed with the way it turned out. The colour I used was the violet dark choc bronze mouse. I applied one coat of this tan and left it on for 4 hours. After washing my tan off I had a nice bronze glow which was exactly what I wanted. This tan is a perfect natural colour definitely ideal  for winter.

This Bella bronze tan is tailored to suit all skin types. If your wanting to achieve a light tan wash off after  1 – 2 hours, for a medium tan 3-4 hours and for darker results 4+ hours. When sleeping with the tan overnight 1 coat is usually all that is needed.

Pre tan preparation 

  •  wax at least 24 hours prior to tanning for better results
  • shave and exfoliate at least 6 – 24 hours prior to applying tan for better results
  • shower directly before applying the tan to remove any beauty products or acidity from the skin.
  • Your skin must be free from makeup, moisturisers and other products

Post tan care

  • For the first shower gently rinse of your tan with warm water, gently brushing over your body to ensure the bronzer is removed evenly.
  • Pat dry your body with a towel after each shower
  • Do not moisturise your body until after your second shower to allow the tan to continue to develop to its full depth (takes 6-24 hours)
  • This solution does not contain SPF so don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the suns harsh rays
The Bella bronze tan mit is very soft on the skin and makes applying the tan very quick and easy.
Violet Dark choc bronze mouse
Gentle cleansing body wash

I love this body wash. It smells like lemon and is so soft and gentle on your skin. This body wash repairs and conditions your skin as well as still maintaining the colour of your tan! truly amazing.

Hydrating body moisturiser

I apply this moisturiser every night when getting out of the shower. It helps maintain the tan as well as hydrate my skin.

It’s important to keep all these products stored below 20 degrees and in a dark area
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.47.13 pm
Legs, before and after
Chest, before and after 

Overall I am super happy with this tan, it is easy to apply, soft on my skin and lasts for a adequate amount of time due to the cleansing body wash and hydrating moisturiser.

gabbielle ♡

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