Moments & Memories

I don’t know about you but I have a hell of a lot of photos stored on both my computer and IPad. Recently I have been worried about these thousands  of photos getting lost if something was to happen to my computer.

I’ve always been someone who loves reminiscing on memories, so I thought what better way to do this than printing my favourite moments out and putting them in an album so I can look back on them whenever I like.

So on my boring Friday morning this is exactly what I did!

First you will need to print off the photos you would like to put into your album. I printed mine off at Kmart.
You will then need to purchase a photo album. I also picked mine up from Kmart for only $10


I then organised my photos into different years and various events, to keep my album in order, because lets be honest no one wants random photos scattered all over the place.
I then began inserting images into my album
Captions are always important especially if you want to remember specific details such as the date and year the photo was taken
Grouping pages according to each event is a great way to keep your album neat. As you can see above this page is filled with photos from a fancy dress party.


Im really happy with how my album has turned out. I have only done last year and this year but will definitely be putting together more albums from previous years. I really encourage anyone who has been thinking about doing this or worried about photos getting lost, as I truly believe it is a great way to look back on previous memories.

If anyone has done something similar or I have inspired you to make an album like mine, I would love to see it!

gabbielle ♡


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